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Charles Davis ~ Photo by ProsperCharles Davis is the kind of musician worth paying attention to," said Ben Ratliff, jazz critic of The New York Times. "He owns the secrets of the past."

Another jazz critic, Zan Stewart added, "Charles cherishes the past, but doesn't live there. He seeks to keep his expression fresh and vital. He plays adventurously but never forgets that the best jazz combines vibrant melody with hearty rhythm."

In Charles' more than 50 years on the scene, he has performed with such jazz legends as Billie Holiday, Ben Webster, Dinah Washington, Clark Terry, Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, John Coltrane and Kenny Dorham.

From Mississippi where he was born, to Chicago where he was raised, to New York where he lives,and the world he now travels, Charles learns from all that surrounds him so that he and his music continually evolve. As a composer, arranger and performer, his intent is to probe, conquer and communicate the mysteries of the music.
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